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Posted on: 09/01/2010>

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Here at, we are launching a great contest featuring short video clips of people explaining how they quit of left a past job!  Let the fun begin.  All visitors will be able to vote for the videos that they find the funniest, most creative, interesting, craziest, etc.  The complete contest will go from 9/1/10 to 12/10/10.

During planning for this contest we were thrown a curve ball.  Steven Slater, a flight attendant for JetBlue, made major national headlines about how he quit his job.  Mr. Slater came across an unruly passenger, became fed up and announced over the airplane intercom that he was calling it quits after 20 years, grabbed two cold beers and slid down the emergency chute and went home!

That is one tough job quitting story to top, but we have a good feeling that it can be done.  In the end, we decided to go ahead and award Mr. Slater with an honorary prize of 10 cases of beer. (Sorry - the rest of you can only win electronics!)

Other prizes will include an Apple iPad and more.  The contest and details can be found here: (paste the URL in your browser or CLICK HERE) - complete rules are available so make sure you check them out. 

We also realize that some people might not be able to record video and some don't have a quitting story to tell.  No problem.  Anyone who "Likes" the SkillSniper Facebook page during the duration of the contest will automatically get five (5) entries into a random drawing.  In addition, five (5) more entries can be received by following "@SkillSniper" through the SkillSniper Twitter page.

Please help us spread the word and pass this on to all of your friends!


Gary Hicks, CEO of SkillSniper,com, Inc.


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