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Next generation job posting technology is now available for employers at - $50 job postings through 2/29/12

Posted on: 01/23/2012>

Employers face a daunting task while trying to find qualified job seekers to fill positions in today’s job market.  With over 100 million resumes on the internet and a swelling pool of job candidates, a new solution is long overdue.  Hiring managers are being flooded with resumes and are spending unnecessary time sifting through the results.  Stalled technology in the online employment industry is not only affecting employers, but also putting skilled job seekers at a disadvantage.  Job seekers with great skills are getting stuck in the piles of resumes and can only hope that an employer will find them and read their resume.

Up until now, employers have posted jobs and received hundreds of resumes, many of which are from unqualified candidates.  It takes days and weeks to sift through the piles of resumes to try and locate the top qualified candidates.  Boolean text searches have been the only available method of narrowing down the pool of resumes.  These text searches are very limited and don’t effectively narrow down the results.  An employer looking for an IT resource such as a database administrator might put in a keyword of ‘database administrator’, but anyone who mentioned this on their resume would be returned in the results.  Some job seekers might have said they hope to be a database administrator in the future and some might have over twenty years of experience.  All of these job seekers would be returned in the same pool of results.  An employer in the healthcare industry looking for a nurse faces the same challenges.  Anyone who mentioned ‘nurse’ on their resume would be returned in the results.  This same problem applies across all job categories when text-based searching is the only available solution.  These are simple examples with one skill, but the situation is more complex because employers always have numerous skills that are required.

All of this is now changing. has launched a new nationwide skill-based job posting technology designed to automatically rank candidates for employers.  Employers no longer have to sift through hundreds of unqualified resumes.  SkillSniper’s unprecedented technology is powered by a proprietary skill-based platform that allows employers to create job postings and set minimum requirements around job skills and also specify their minimum required years of experience by skill.  The technology automatically filters and ranks candidates based on actual job skills, experience with various software, certifications, and state issued licenses.

The new job posting technology makes it simple for employers to quickly identify and focus on the top job seekers that fit their minimum skill and years of experience qualifications.  Skilled and experienced job seekers are immediately seeing the benefit of the advanced SkillSniper technology.  There has not been a solution up to this point that utilized the skills and years of experience of a job seeker to help bring them to the forefront of the results.  SkillSniper is an advanced new free tool for skilled job seekers to use.

SkillSniper is pushing innovative new job posting technology into the online job market to make the process of matching employers and qualified job seekers simpler.  Matching employers and qualified job seekers should not be such a time consuming and costly process.  Not only is the new job posting technology faster and more targeted than any solution that is currently available, but the pricing model is certain to disrupt the way things have been done in the past.  Rather than spending an average of $300-$420 for a job posting that creates weeks of additional work, employers can utilize the new job posting technology at for $100 per posting.  This creates a complete benefit in terms of time and cost savings.  During the launch, employers can get these skill-based job postings for $50 each nationwide now through the end of February 2012.  The launch price is available to all employers at the time of purchase.

The SkillSniper skill-based job posting solution was designed to benefit numerous skilled job categories.  The four primary areas include:
1)    IT jobs
2)    Healthcare jobs
3)    Engineering jobs
4)    Business operation jobs, such as accounting, finance, tax, human resources, advertising, marketing and sales.

Please visit to learn more about the new job posting technology.

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