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SkillSniper in the News: Rip Up That Resume and Go Get a Job Posted on: 03/18/2010

Rip Up That Resume and Go Get a Job





Media Contact:  Kelsey Huber at Cowtown Marketing Strategies, Inc.

                                                                                                             RIP UP THAT RESUME AND GO GET A JOB

A new nationwide employment website has hit the internet with the potential to turn the employment industry upside down.  While traditional employment websites are resume-based, focuses exclusively on skills.  Users enter specific skills to create a skill profile.  Prospective employers search by skills to find a true fit for the position they need to fill.

Like a sniper zeroes in on a target with skilled precision, SkillSniper helps businesses and recruiters zero in on the precise skills needed to fill a position.  Titles and job descriptions from resumes can’t provide the depth of information makes available.  Not only are skills listed, but years of experience as well.  All of this makes it easier for the prospective employer to find a perfect fit. 

But the revolutionary thinking doesn’t end with the way its set up for listing and searching. provides something no other employment website does.  Namely, employers can search for free. Typically, job sites charge hundreds of dollars for employers to search for resumes. With, employers can log on, list the skill set they need, and search for free. Only when they find a good fit do they have to pay a nominal fee.  “It just made so much more sense,” said Gary Hicks, owner and creator of SkillSniper.  “Now businesses have a reliable place where they can start their candidate search, before spending lots of time and money.  It’s a great solution for both employers and employees.”

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