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SkillSniper in the News: launches next generation job posting technology for employers: $50 job postings until 2/29/12 Posted on: 01/23/2012 launches next generation job posting technology for employers: $50 job postings until 2/29/12 has launched a new nationwide job posting technology designed to automatically filter out unqualified candidates for employers. Gone are the days of sifting through hundreds of unqualified resumes. SkillSniper’s unprecedented technology is powered by a proprietary skill-based platform that allows employers to customize their job postings by setting minimum requirements for job skills and years of experience.

The new job posting technology does something that traditional job postings can’t do. It extends past the resume level and focuses on the actual job skill and experience level.  Employers set their minimum job skill requirements, including years of experience, and all candidates are ranked from most qualified to least qualified. This takes the guesswork out of the results and allows employers to immediately zero in on the top qualified candidates.

SkillSniper already has some large Fortune 500 companies posting jobs on their website. However, this new solution is also highly effective for small and mid-sized businesses that can’t afford the lengthy process and high pricing associated with traditional job postings. “We want to help employers quickly find the top candidates in this tough job market so we are offering our next generation job posting technology for $50 per posting through the end of February, 2012,” says Gary Hicks, founder and CEO of
In addition to offering major benefit for employers, SkillSniper's new technology also creates a huge advantage for skilled job seekers over less qualified job seekers. Rather than worrying about getting stuck in the middle of a pile of resumes, SkillSniper brings the job seeker’s skills and years of experience to the forefront of the results. The increasing size of the job market and the large number of available candidates reduces the effectiveness of traditional job postings that are based on resumes.
“Not only is our new, innovative job posting technology faster and more targeted, but our pricing model was created to change the job market,” says Hicks. “Our goal is to help top job seekers find better job opportunities and we accomplish this by creating the best place for employers to find them.”
About SkillSniper

SkillSniper is the pioneer and leader of skill-based technologies in the job market. By creating faster, more targeted and more affordable solutions for employers, SkillSniper provides the best advantages for skilled and experienced job seekers. Career opportunities encompass numerous highly skilled job categories. The technology includes job skills for IT job opportunities, engineering job opportunities, health care job opportunities, and other job opportunities in business operations such as accounting, finance, tax, human resources, advertising, marketing and sales.

### launches next generation job posting technology for employers: $50 job postings until 2/29/12
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